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About Ed Ambros


Art has always been an integral part of the life of Ed Ambros.  Specializing in Fine Arts and Drama at the Academy of Arts in Bratislava, Slovak Republic gave Ed the foundation he needed to pursue his dreams.  In 1968, with the political turmoil in his homeland Ed made the difficult decision to leave and immigrate to Canada.

Ed continued to refine his artistic practice when he came to Canada and pass his acquired knowledge and wisdom on to future generations by becoming an art teacher.  For over twenty years, Ed worked with students to help them find their artistic voice. 

Ed, who expresses himself through drama, music, painting and sculpture, has created an extensive body of visual art over the years.  His paintings and sculpture be found in numerous corporate and private collections in both North America and Europe.  Today Ed works mostly within the medium of painting but continues to be greatly inspired by all forms of artistic expression.

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